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     We're celebrating our 28th year in business in 2016 here in beautiful Ventura, California!
     At Journey Home, you'll find a wealth of wonderful items from all over the world including crystals, jewelry, white sage, candles gift items, singing bowls, incense, books, music and all of the metaphysical tools you'll need to assist you in your search for knowledge and enlightenment.
    Come to our brick-and-mortar store where our enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff will guide  you through our fine selections from the practical to the mystical.  Whether you're looking for a meaningful gift or supplies for a special ritual, we have something for every occasion.

Supplies to clear your space and create wards!
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Mon-Sat 10:00-7:00
Sundays 11:00-6:00
Readings 12:00-5:00
November is a Month to Raise a Cleansing Shield
November heralds the start of cooler weather.  Plants begin to die back, the stale summer air turns crisp, and leaves put on one last brilliant show before falling.  It is a time of cleansing in nature before winter's slumber.  Just as next year's seeds and bulbs wait beneath the sheltering soil, so too is it a time of energetic cleansing and shielding. 
Check out our Inspiration Page for more ideas!
So Many New Items!
We've brought in some new collections! We now have a nice little collection of sterling silver bracelet charms, perfect for adding to our popular Power Minis, or anything else you might want to personalize, including zodiac signs, spiritual symbols, and good luck and protection charms.  Last month we tried a sampling of fancy match boxes, and the response was so positive that we sold out of most them!  More are on the way featuring new designs, as well as  restock of scented wooden fans, small ceramic leaf bowls, and lots of other fun stuff.  New statuary is out, dozens of new window stickers are available, and we've got a fresh supply of bells.